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CognitiveID: Confirms your IDENTITY to access your accounts and make online transactions

About Us

The Company

NimbusID is a privately held technology company founded in 2012 by Alex V. Natividad, MD. We were formed to commercialize our CognitiveID software service, conceptualized and patented by Dr. Natividad. We are in the Physical Identity Verification space working with IT and cyber security partners around the globe.

Our Business

The NimbusID team has three core business units – CognitiveID Technology Development, Product Integration and Sales & Marketing. We are primarily focused on software licencing agreements and end user integration sales and support.

Fundamental Identity Challenge

From governments to corporations right down to the smartphone user, everyone faces the same daily challenges of stolen, shared, misused or hacked identities. There are fundamental security flaws in how we verify the identity of people before giving them access to our digital world. How can we be assured only the rightful people are gaining access to the Internet of Things? If we want certainty and confidence in our security, would a Physical Identity Verification service work for us?

AIRnID as a Service

The NimbusID service is called AIRnID. We are experts in the development of Cognitive Identification (CognitiveID) technologies to verify physical people who rightfully own access to networks, devices and apps. Our service assures tasks can only be transacted by verified individuals. With online identity crimes costing society hundreds of billions annually, experts estimate security spending will exceed 3 trillion dollars globally over the next 5 years. NimbusID with our AIRnID service is uniquely positioned to dominate the Physical Identity Verification space.

Problems We Help Overcome

AIRnID plays a pivotal role in the new IT and cyber security ecosystems. Problems we help overcome are Insider Threat, Transaction Fraud, Advanced Persistent Threats, Malware, Hackers, Trojans, Shared Credential Use, Asset Management, Privileged Access and most importantly, Stolen login/password credentials.

Who Benefits

Primary sectors for AIRnID are ISP’s, Android Devices, Medical/Health, Financial, Military, Insurance, Online Commerce, Engineering, Corporate, Gov’t, Nation State, Blockchain, Network Access, Command and Control, Critical Infrastructure, Brand Protection, and Legal.

Our team