Biometric and 2FA Fail the Security Test

In the last five years, numerous security breaches and hacks have led to a flood of so-called solutions. In 2016, Verizon stated that the global loss due to these breaches exceeded $500 Billion and 81% of those breaches were due to stolen access credentials. Despite the best efforts of security experts around the world, these […]

CryptoCurrency and Blockchain Need Cognitive ID

Counterfeiting Solved! The success of cryptocurrencies has eclipsed quite a few Internet technologies recently. Everywhere you look, a new electronic currency is launching. From Ripple to Stellar, Moneia, and of course, BitCoin, the players are numerous and growing at exponential rates. This growth is due in large part to the anti-counterfeit technologies cryptocurrencies are based […]

CognitiveID Solves Phishing

The Problem You are sitting at your desk when an urgent email hits your inbox. It’s a panicked message from your company vice president telling you he cannot log into the server. Because he’s in a time crunch, he needs YOUR username and password to get access to his files. Not wanting to get fired, […]

Human Intent: The Key to Security

Authentication is a very deceptive word. In today’s security-conscious environment, this term is attached to every security solution without thought to accuracy. It has become cliché in the security industry. A new term is required. I humbly suggest that the ultimate security goal is better labelled, “Intentication.” In other words, we should be determining access […]

Convenience is the Enemy of Cyber-Security

Back in highschool, we all had lockers. To secure them, many of us trusted simple combination padlocks. While easily snipped with a pair of bolt cutters, this form of protection was enough to keep nosey classmates out of our stuff. The problem, however, is that today’s companies are using the equivalent of simple padlocks to […]

Cognitive Identification: The Solution to Weaknesses in Passwords, Biometrics and Two-Factor Models

The title may have caught your attention. After all, I’m implying that passwords, biometrics and two- factor (2F) security models are inherently flawed. Well, they are.   The Problem with Static Credentials The key is to understand WHAT passwords and 2F actually verify. Basically, all passwords are static credentials that provide ACCESS assurance, not IDENTITY […]