What are the challenges with your digital identity?

From governments and corporations right down to the smartphone user, everyone faces the same daily challenges of stolen, shared, misused or hacked identities.  There are fundamental security flaws in how we verify the identity of people before giving them access to our digital world.  How can we be assured only the rightful people are gaining access to the Internet of Things (IoT)?  If we want certainty and confidence in our security, would a Physical Identity Verification solution work for us?​​

Regardless how secure your access door is, the fact remains you have to allow legitimate users to enter your systems.  The question is do you know if that person you allowed in is the legitimate and authorized person?  In the physical world, DNA represents irrefutable evidence to the identity of a human being.  In the digital world, the only identifier that is UNIQUE to a person (with specificity to similar to DNA) is how a person thinks and how they process their external world.​

What problems do we help overcome?

Our approach is to eliminate illegitimate visitors by using NimbusID Cognitive Authentication (“CogntiveID”) to test by verifying the human person.​

NimbusID plays a pivotal role in the new IT and cyber security ecosystems.  Problems we help overcome are Insider Threat, Transaction Fraud, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Malware, Hackers, Shared Credential Use, Asset Management, Privileged Access and most importantly, Stolen Login/Password Credentials.​​​

Who benefits?

Primary sectors for NimbusID are Financial, Medical/Health, Legal, Appliance and Application Manufacturers.​

ISP’s, Mobile Devices, Military, Insurance, Online Commerce, Engineering, Corporate, Gov’t, Nation State, Blockchain, Network Access, Command and Control, Critical Infrastructure, and Brand Protection.​​


Do we have a unique advantage?

NimbusID has advantages over authentication methods currently in use such as username and passwords, biometrics and multi-factor authentication

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