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CognitiveID: The new standard to prove identity

A device and platform independent solution, that allows the true registered person to access their online account.
What is the problem we are solving?

Existing methodologies related to online account authentication such as passwords, 2FA and even biometrics can be copied, shared and are susceptible to phishing. It is like a house key, and function only as a proof of access accounting for the main reason for Access Breach. What we need is “Proof of Identity” or an “Identity Test” to prove it is a human and the correct registered person accessing their account.

What are examples of breaches we are solving?

Identity theft, fraudulent transactions, account takeover, manipulation of system settings, elevation in malicious access to admin privileges, stolen Bitcoin access credentials. 

How Does It work?


Use Case Examples
Confirmation it is the registered user requesting access to:
  • A bank account, initiating a transaction or confirming authorization for a transaction.

  • A utility account or access to that system to make a payment 

  • A medical provider’s system to schedule an appointment or access their lab results 

  • A Privileged account to Administer a CRM tool such as WordPress, Joomla, Magenta or any PHP or IIS or Apache hosted websites 

  • An Office 365 account, SharePoint, Outlook web access and other enterprise apps

  • Any web-based system that can use SAML to authenticate a user via Cognitive ID in addition to, either before or after the username password for an additional layer of Identity Proof such as access to a site that is enabled hosting a Bitcoin account. 


  • No need to memorize passwords
  • No PW resets that confuse the end user and force them to attempt to remember another password
  • Lower IT costs
  • No cards, dongles or additional hardware to maintain

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