Safeguard Privacy with NimbusID Your Brain in Action to Prove it’s You
Click to prove it's the correct user and not someone else.
CognitiveID enables systems to know it's you without knowing or disclosing who you are.

Your Brain in Action to Prove it’s You

NimbusID® is the creator of CognitiveID, a user IDentity Test for authenticating user credentials used to protect software applications and platforms around the world.  CognitiveID allows corporations and small business to know it is you accessing your accounts and no one else.   CognitiveID is patented by psychiatrist Alex Natividad MD (# PTO-C-2020-0055-0174, dated August 2014).  Where passwords rely on short term memory, CognitiveID relies on multiple memories that already exist, rooted, and related in multiple parts of the brain.  The human mind, being unique, acts as the brain computer to provide the correct contextual associations required to solve a puzzle before access is granted.  CognitiveID as the IDentity Test paired with device possession creates the highest attribution for the legitimate online user being granted access.  When used with a smart phone, CognitiveID is expressed with just 3 quick taps of a finger.

If we train the computer to implement in a “puzzle” things that we already know to be used for authentication, then we now have an Identity Test for the correct user and no one else”.

Here's How It Works

Prove it is you authenticating and transacting to your online Accounts 


What Our Customers are Saying

“I’ve been using NimbusID since 2020.  My website is more secure and no more password resets.”

“Finally, a way to have identity for who is actually behind the device!”

“NimbusID is enhanced adaptive authentication.”



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