Use Cases:
  • A medical provider’s system to schedule an appointment or access their lab results.
  • Patient referral from one physician to another.
  • Medical provider’s system to schedule an appointment for lab work on a patient, then access their lab results 
  • Access to enterprise applications such as Peoplesoft, Dynamics 365 and other enterprise apps.
  • An Office 365 account, SharePoint, Outlook web access and other enterprise apps 
  • No need to memorize passwords.
  • No PW resets that confuse the end user and force them to attempt to remember another password.
  • Lower IT costs.
  • No cards, dongles or additional hardware to maintain.

USA healthcare spending grew 9.7% in 2020, reaching $4.1T or $12,530 per person.  As a share of the nation’s GDP, health spending accounted for 19.7%. There are several reports that for every USA health dollar spent, 5-10% is lost due to administrative inefficiencies and lack of integration.  Vertical integration of healthcare has long been sought but simply unachievable because there is no unifying “identity and mechanism” to integrate all the key stakeholders in one secure platform. 

If we can extract between 1% and 10% savings each year by vertically integrating healthcare, savings can be $41B to $410B per year.

NimbusID through its MindPrint Identity Solution (Nimbus Overview Video – YouTube) can pave the way for an integrated national health care portal that will allow an easy exchange of data even if various stakeholders use non-interoperable systems.  This system can extract increased efficiencies not only in faster and on-demand secure access to healthcare data but also by avoiding duplicative services.  It can also reduce unnecessary utilization of services or tests if appropriate data is available to the physician at the point of service delivery.

For instance, a new patient visiting a physician would normally require the physician to obtain information from other sources such as previous providers, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers, etc.  This could take days and multiple physician visits.   With our MindPrint Identity Solution, the patient during the time of their visit, can avail that information at the point of delivery, saving time, preventing duplicative tests, and provide optimal delivery of clinical service to the patient.

Insurance and billing services are reduced from complex to simple transactions if all stake holders are participants within the integrated healthcare delivery system.  Again, administrative inefficiencies are reduced.

There are many other examples of increasing efficiency if the “National Digital Healthcare System” is augmented with Artificial Intelligence.