The critical infrastructure systems that support major industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, and energy, are highly dependent on information systems for their command and control. The diverse and disparate proprietary mechanics of control systems are being replaced with common communications protocols and open architecture standards, which can have both positive and negative impacts.

On one hand, the migration empowers control system users and manufacturers to offer new and more efficient methods of communication, as well as more robust data, quicker time to market, and interoperability. On the other hand, empowering control system users introduces new risks. Cyber-related vulnerabilities and risks are being created that didn’t exist before

Use Cases:
  • Secure the access to IoT and devices used to control and monitor systems for public utilities; electric power grid, water/wastewater, dams, air, rail, transportation/logistics, chemicals/hazardous materials, etc.
  • Penetration¬†testing is to test the weakness and vulnerability of a system.¬† The presence of NimbusID’s CognitiveID Identity Test mitigates further breach attempts into the systems.
  • No need to memorize passwords.
  • No PW resets that confuse the end user and force them to attempt to remember another passwordl
  • Lower IT costs.
  • No cards, dongles or additional hardware to maintain.