According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, manufacturing is one of the most vulnerable industries based on their lack of preparedness for a cyber-attack.  Manufacturing as a whole was the least likely to have:

  • An in-house cybersecurity program
  • A dedicated budget for cybersecurity
  • An incident response plan
  • Ongoing cybersecurity training
  • Knowledge of who’s accessing their systems
  • A way to Identity of all persons in the logistics chain, shipping and distribution chain, and those requesting physical access the buildings
  • Validation of the actual contractors, sub-contractors and 3rd party vendors involved in the manufacturing process.

Fewer than two-thirds of manufacturing companies even have a cybersecurity program. Which is bad news considering they’re one of the most vulnerable industries. In just one year, 40% of manufacturing companies were the victims of a cyberattack. Of those impacted, 38% dealt with over $1 million in damages.

3rd party vendors have been compromised by APT attacks as a way to compromise a network.  Adding NimbusID’s MindPrint Identity Test reduces vulnerabilities from 3rd party vendors.

Current authentication systems allow anyone including an imposter access to the system as long as the correct credentials are provided. MindPrint proves it’s the correct user who possesses the credentials for authentication by requiring them to pass the MindPrint Identity Test.