Digital Identity is the underpinning of any e-commerce business.  The current thinking is that enhancing security adds inconvenience and increases user friction.  On the contrary, MindPrint being user-centric, convenience and security is enhanced.  Users are able to prove it is them accessing and transacting on their account in a matter of 3 clicks, done.

Retailers are using biometrics to personalize the shopping experience.  While this makes it easier to gain access to the customers, it generates more noise in the market to distract the customer’s attention.

Identity as it is used currently discloses who the specific identity is of a person.  The benefit is targeting relevant information of products and services.  NimbusID via MindPrint allows the value without the breach of the individual’s privacy.

MindPrint offers pseudo anonymity for post-sale elimination of advertising spend.

  • No need to memorize passwords
  • No password resets that confuse the end user and force them to attempt to remember another password
  • Lower IT costs
  • No cards, dongles, or additional hardware to maintain