What is a Story?

Our lives are built with Stories that grow each day.  It is like a “Lifebook”, each page filled with rich experiences.  The memorable Stories are embedded in your mind, easily recognized, indelible and durable.  Your Stories are unique as you are the only author of HOW you put the Story together in your mind.

Story is comprised of a Memory and Associations.  When you are shown a Memory, it instantly triggers your mind of the many rich Associations that you previously put together in your past life experiences that only you know.

Memory is a word or phrase that allows you to recognize your Story.  Associations are attributes and events that reinforce that memorable moment.

When creating your Story, it is important to make sure your Memories and Associations are unique to you.  Use words and phrases that only you know.  The words underlined below are examples of Associations to the Memories.

Here is an example of a bad story with Memories and Associations for the Story underlined:

I graduated from Del Soto High School in Texas in 1974.  I received my Bachelor of Arts degree 4 years later at the University of Texas at Austin.  Go Longhorns.  Why is this a bad story?  Most of the information can be found through social engineering or word-of-mouth.

Here is an example of a good story with information from the bad story:

I met my wife the last year in high school at a local party.  I proposed to her under a moonlit night my 2nd year of college at our local hangout.  This is a good story because of many memorable events that only you know.  What happened at the local party that drew you to your wife?  “We party hardy.”  Moonlit night is something only you and her would know.  “Good thing I didn’t tell anyone about that evening.”  What happened when you proposed to her at your local hangout?  “People cheered, some even cried.”  What was her reaction?  “She was happy as a clam and said YES.”

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